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Monitor 64: Boxy is foxy

Featured on Hackaday, and MikeShouts!

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Built using an old Compaq FS740 monitor, a set of Harman/Kardon speakers, and a Nintendo 64.

The Monitor 64 was a fun side project where I gutted an old CRT monitor and turned it into a portable all-in-one Nintendo 64 gaming console. This made for a Nintendo 64 complete with speakers, headphone jack (for audio out), a thin LCD laptop panel, an HDMI out port (for plugging up to a better TV if need be), and even storage space for controllers and games!

The unit has only a single power cable so there's no messing with a bunch of plugs! On top of this, it has enough storage space for:

4 controllers and 3 games

3 controllers and 6 games

2 controllers and 15 games


1 controller and 19 games!

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